The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide

The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide

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Aimesoft's Products


AimeTalk: Virtual Presenter

AimeTalk is a Multimodal AI-based virtual slide presentation software (or "virtual presenter"). It automates your slide presentation tasks. AimeTalk can perform slide shows instead of you in conferences, meetings or seminars.  It can save labor costs and reduce errors in slide shows. You can create any avatar you like, your virtual face in online meetings. 

Automated slide presentation
Face animation from your photos
Reduce labor cost in slide shows
Voice speed adjustment
Native tongue presentation
Automatic video playing
Stop/resume/manual control
Support 40+ languages



AimeReception: Virtual Receptionist

AimeReception is the general virtual receptionist software developed based on Aimesoft’s Multimodal AI. This product would replace human receptionists for guest welcoming or information offering. It would be available for customers 24/7, and at the customer’s convenience.
Welcome guests
Introduce company information, products, and services
Allow customers to book an appointment directly
Check time attendance by facial recognition
Do customer data statistics
Record reception area
Integrate third-party services
Update knowledge and enhance intelligence
Connect to the administrator when needed



AimeHotel: Virtual Hotel Clerk

AimeHotel is a Multimodal AI-based product catered towards working the hotel reception. It combines various data sources, such as text, voice, images, and personal information, with smart processing algorithms to, listen, see, understand, and talk with the users. AimeHotel can be your virtual hotel staff to automate various kinds of tasks within the hotel.
Facial recognition, auto-greeting and customer’s information remembering
Suggestions for hotel’s service and information
Customer data statistics, user services personalization
New knowledge enabling to improve the hotel’s virtual staff intelligence
Scalable software: Integrating a 3rd party server
Connect to the administrator when needed
AimeMasking - data anonymization tool

AimeMasking: Anonymization

AimeMasking uses Artificial Intelligence to encrypt sensitive information such as: phone number, address, email, etc,. without changing their semantic and statistical significance. Anonymized data from AimeMasking can still be used as NLP/AI/ML training data.
Data anonymization
No need Internet, run on your local
Support multiple file formats: (.doc, .xlsx, .txt,...)
Encrypt different type of data such as person name, organization name, phone number, address, email
English, Japanese, Korean support
Run masking on a whole directory with multiple files and sub-directories
Recover masked files to their original states by using generated metadata files in masking process
Replace masked nouns with proper nouns to preserve statistical significance

Aime AIShop: Retail Automation

Aime AIShop is a Multimodal AI-powered solution that can automatically recognize images, voices, and languages to support customers in retail stores or supermarkets.
Automatically providing information about the store
Automatically providing information on items displayed in the store
Automatically suggesting suitable items for buyers
Automatically giving prices for buyers

AimeHospital:Healthcare Solution

AimeHospital is a smart healthcare solution that can analyze medical records using Multimodal AI. The system helps hospitals in improving the quality of medical examinations and treatment.
Automatically reads and analyzes medical records to give a summary of disease progression and treatment process
Diagnoses diseases by the symptoms presented
Finds the connection between different diseases
Automatically identifies drug names, disease names, and drug side effects.
Auto-saves medical records by listening to the words
Creates easily accessible electronic medical records

AimeGPT: Mini-ChatGPT 

AimeGPT is a series of GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), GPT-3, instruction following GPT-3, mini-ChatGPT models from Aimesoft. We provide the GPT models for Japanese and Vietnamese. These models are trained from the beginning mainly with Japanese or Vietnamese text.
Fine-tuning with domain data
High quality text/answer generation 
On-premise deployment 
Various real-world applications

Aimesoft's Solutions

AimeCard is a software program that uses Smart OCR technology. It can deliver highly accurate character recognition such as text, structure, the content of invoices, documents, identity cards, insurance cards, etc.
ID and identification papers recognition
Driving license and passport recognition
Invoices and documents recognition
Aimelytics is a multi-modal artificial intelligence application and data mining software to analyze and make predictions.
Predicting the value of the real estate and old assets
Analyzing security forecasts
Predicting electricity and petrol prices and consumption
Listening to SNS, WWW (Facebook news…) and analyzing consumer behavior
Making credit forecast & Bitcoin forecast
Credit Scoring
AimeStats is a counting and statistic program based on Multimodal AI.
Counting the number of customers in the store
Counting the number of cars and identifying car types
Checking the duration and location of car parking
Collecting and extracting important keywords, counting the number of important words in a sentence
AimeFluent is automated customer service. It can be applied in customer services in different fields such as consulting, finance - banking, education, tourism, e-commerce, law, etc. AimeFluent allows humans to interfere while answering if needed.
Diverse and flexible back-and-forth conversation
Ability to remember the context, conversation history, and customer information
Support questions that need the ability to extract and interpret user information
Assistance in integrated, flexible, third-party answering API calls.
Ability to improve intelligence, teach bots.
Diverse integration on the website, app, automatic email, automatic switchboard, social networks (Facebook, Zalo, etc.)


AimeSpeech is a core speech processing framework inside the Aimenicorn software ecosystem. AimeSpeech includes a Speech Recognition engine (Speech to Text, STT engine), a Speech Synthesis engine (Text to Speech, TTS engine), Speaker identification library and other advanced speech processing libraries. AimeSpeech supports English, Japanese and Vietnamese. It can be run both on-premise and on-cloud
Speech recognition (Speech-to-Text, STT)
Emotion analysis
Speech Synthesis (Text-to-Speech, TTS)
Speaker identification
Sentiment Analysis from Speech features


AimeFace is an eKYC (know your customer), face recognition, face registration solution from Aimesoft. It not only supports face recognition, comparison but also Multimodal AI-based face registration, face and voice fingerprinting, etc. Check the video for a demo of face registration with Multimodal AI.
Real-time face detection
Real-time face recognition and identification
Multimodal AI-based face registration
Real-time model retraining
Comparison between actual faces and face images in ID cards


AimeOpt is a suite of mathematical optimization and Operations Research solutions in the Multimodal AI software ecosystem Aimenicorn.AimeOpt supports the modeling of a wide range of mathematical optimization problems, from scheduling to route search, package palletization.


Solve the scheduling problems in reality such as trains scheduling, bus scheduling (transport and communications)
Solve the work assignment or shift assignment in company, hospital, …
Solve problems to determine the results of production activities, output, inventory
Identify risks and wastes in the production process

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