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AimeGPT: Private instruction following GPT, mini-ChatGPT


AimeGPT is a series of GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), GPT-3, instruction following GPT-3, mini-ChatGPT models from Aimesoft. We provide the GPT models for Japanese and Vietnamese. These models are trained from the beginning mainly with Japanese or Vietnamese text. Developers can use the models for fine-tuning to adapt with specific problems.

An important feature of AimeGPT models is they can be deployed on-premise. That means you can keep your data secure in your server while using our LLMs.


AimeGPT Features

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    Fine-tuning with domain data
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    On-premise deployment
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    High quality text/answer generation 
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    Various real-world applications

AimeGPT Technologies

Aimesoft’s technologies to realize AimeGPT

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    Latest generation of GPT
    The 3rd takes the GPT model to a whole new level with much more parameters, more capable than previous versions
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    Deep learning model
    Deep learning model trained on internet text to generate meaningful text. It requires a very small amount of text as input to generate large volumes of relevant and sophisticated text

AimeGPT Benefits

AimeGPT's Advantages