AimeSpeech : Speech recognition (STT), speech synthesis (TTS), Speaker identification

AimeSpeech is a core speech processing framework inside the Aimenicorn software ecosystem. AimeSpeech includes a Speech Recognition engine (Speech to Text, STT engine), a Speech Synthesis engine (Text to Speech, TTS engine), Speaker identification library and other advanced speech processing libraries. AimeSpeech supports English, Japanese and Vietnamese. It can be run both on-premise and on-cloud. AimeSpeech is applied in various Multimodal AI products of Aimesoft, such as AimeHotel, AimeReception, Aime AIShop, ...




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    Speech recognition (Speech-to-Text, STT)
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    Emotion analysis
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    Speech Synthesis (Text-to-Speech, TTS)
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    Speaker identification
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    Sentiment Analysis from Speech features
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    Supports English, Japanese, Vietnamese


Aimesoft’s technologies to realize AimeSpeech

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    Speech Recognition Technologies
    DNN (Deep Neural Networks), LSTM, GMM, HMM, Acoustic modelling, Language model
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    Natural Language Processing technologies
    Tokenization, POS tagging, keyword extraction, word normalization
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    Speech Synthesis Technologies
    HMM, Festival, Kaldi, Tacotron2, DNN, Vocoder
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    Speaker Identification Technologies
    GMM, VGG network


Various applications of AimeSpeech