AimeTalk: Multimodal AI-based virtual slide presentation


AimeTalk is a Multimodal AI-based virtual slide presentation software (or "virtual presenter"). It automates your slide presentation tasks. AimeTalk can create virtual avatars with human-like motions from a single face photo. It reads the notes from your presentation slides, automatically turns slide pages, plays videos, animates the avatar as if you were presenting. This virtual presenter software can perform slide presentations for you in conferences, meetings, or seminars. It can save labor costs and reduce errors in slide shows. It's interesting that you can create any avatar you like, your virtual face in online meetings.


Currently, AimeTalk supports many slide formats such as Google Presentation slides, Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX), and PDF file. We will support Apple Keynote soon.


An example presentation slide is here :


You can download a trial version of AimeTalk by clicking the Download button below.




AimeTalk Features

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    Create custom avatars
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    Read the notes from your presentation slides
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    Background customization
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    Automatically turn slide pages and play videos
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    Support 40+ languages
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    Change voice speed, voice pitch

AimeTalk Technologies

AimeTalk's technologies

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    Image Processing technologies
    Face animation, background segmentation 
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    Robotic Process Automation
    Robotic process automation, turn slide pages
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    Speech Processing technologies
    Voice synthesis, voice speed adjustment
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    Natural Language Processing technologies
    Abbreviation recognition, sentence normalization

AimeTalk Benefits

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