The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide

The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide

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AimeStats : Smart counting and statistics platform from Aimesoft


AimeStats is a smart counting and statistics platform in the Multimodal AI software ecosystem Aimenicorn. AimeStats can automatically recognize and count the number of objects (humans, cars, building,etc.). It can also make statistical information concerning the number of words, keywords, sentences in documents. Moreover, AimeStats supports processing of voice files : counting the number of persons in a recorded voice file (wav, mp3), counting the number of words, tokens.


AimeStats Features

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    Counting the number of customers in the store
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    Counting the number of cars and identifying car types
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    Checking the duration and location of car parking
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    Collecting and extracting important keywords, counting the number of important words in a sentence

AimeStats Technologies

Aimesoft’s technologies to realize AimeStats

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    Computer Vision technologies
    Object recognition, semantic segmentation, face recognition, gender/age recognition, OCR (optical character recognition), image search/retrieval, predictive analytics based on image
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    Natural Language Processing technologies
    Tokenization, POS tagging, keyword extraction, synonym/antonym detection, information extraction, relation extraction, semantic search, natural language understanding
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    Speech Processing technologies
    Language model extraction from Web text, acoustic model creation, hot word/trigger word detection, noise cancellation, ...
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    Data Mining technologies
    Big Data processing, KPI prediction, predictive analytics based on Big Data, recomendation algorithms, data generation for machine learning

AimeStats Benefits

AimeStats's Advantages

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