AimeMasking: Data anonymization, Data masking tool

AimeMasking uses Artificial Intelligence to encrypt sensitive information such as: phone number, address, email, etc,. without changing their semantic and statistical significance. AimeMasking also allows users to define the sections they want to encode in the document. Instead of simply replacing personal information with asterisks, AimeMasking replaces them with proper fixed names. For example, by replacing “John Doe” with “Jane Doe”, we conceal the real data while maintaining its statistical and semantic significance at the same time.


AimeMasking Features

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    Encrypt different type of data such as person name, organization name, phone number, address, email
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    Replace masked nouns with proper nouns to preserve statistical significance
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    Support multiple file formats: (.doc, .xlsx, .txt,...)
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    Multilingual - support English and Japanese
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    Run masking on a whole directory with multiple sub-files and sub-directories
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    Recover masked files to their original states by using generated metadata files in masking process

AimeMasking's technologies

Built on Multimodal AI technologies

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    Named Entity Recognition
    Recognize named entities by using CRF, LSTM, CNN, language model, regular expressions
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    Natural Language Processing
    Morphological analysis, synonyms/hypernyms detection
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    Dictionary Processing
    Register and process your own customized dictionary
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    Preserve file format
    Preserve font type, color, character size, etc

AimeMasking Benefits

AimeMasking's advantages