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AimeHospital : Multimodal AI based hospital virtual staff

AimeHospital is a Virtual hospital clerk software in the Aimenicorn ecosystem. AimeHospital automates many tasks in hospitals such as patient check-in, checkout, building/floor information guidance, dosing instructions. AimeHospital can register and remember faces of patients. It can then personalize the services for the patients, such as automatically guide a cancer treatment patient to Oncology department.

AimeHospital is a Multimodal AI based product. Therefore, it can see, listen, understand and talk to the users. By combining with electric medical records, it can analyze the treatment process and suggest medicines, remind the users about dosage schedule, etc.



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    Automatically reading and analyzing medical records to give a summary of disease progression and treatment process Automatically identifying drug names, disease names, and drug side effects
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    Auto-save medical records by listening to the words
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    Diagnose with the disease by symptoms
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    Find the connection between diseases
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    Creating electronic medical records


Aimesoft’s technologies to realize Multimodal AI

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    Computer Vision technologies
    Object recognition, semantic segmentation, face recognition, gender/age recognition, OCR (optical character recognition), image search/retrieval, predictive analytics based on image
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    Natural Language Processing technologies
    Tokenization, POS tagging, keyword extraction, synonym/antonym detection, information extraction, relation extraction, semantic search, natural language understanding
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    Speech Processing technologies
    Language model extraction from Web text, acoustic model creation, hot word/trigger word detection, noise cancellation, ...
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    Data Mining technologies
    Big Data processing, KPI prediction, predictive analytics based on Big Data, recomendation algorithms, data generation for machine learning


Aimesoft's Solutions are based on Multimodal AI