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AimeOpt: Optimization / Operations Research solutions


AimeOpt is a suite of mathematical optimization and Operations Research solutions in the Multimodal AI software ecosystem Aimenicorn.AimeOpt supports the modeling of a wide range of mathematical optimization problems, from scheduling to route search, package palletization.

AimeOpt solves optimization problems with algorithms such as integer programming (SIMPLEX), mixed integer programming (MIP), dynamic programming, stable matching (Gale–Shapley algorithm), palletizing, graph algorithms …


AimeOpt Features

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    Solve the scheduling problems in reality such as trains scheduling, bus scheduling (transport and communications)
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    Solve the work assignment or shift assignment in company, hospital, …
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    Solve problems to determine the results of production activities, output, inventory


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    Identify risks and wastes in the production process

AimeOpt Technologies

Aimesoft’s technologies to realize AimeOpt

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    Available optimization algorithms
    Apply mixed integer programming(MIP) to build constraints in scheduling problemsUse available mathematical libraries to optimize solutions. Available mathematical libraries are created from simplex methods.
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    Skills modeling based on specific problems

    For each problem, there are different model to solve.

    For example scheduling employees, subject to a complex set of constraints and staffing requirements.

    For scheduling in transport and communications, minimize delay for transportations.



AimeOpt Benefits

AimeOpt's Advantages