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AimeHotel: Multimodal AI-based Virtual Hotel Clerk


AimeHotel is a Multimodal AI-based product, acting as a virtual hotel clerk, that combines various data sources, such as text, voice, images, and personal information, with smart processing algorithms to listen, see, understand, and converse with guests. AimeHotel can automate various tasks in hotels such as check-in, check-out, room reservation, restaurant reservation, etc. The software assists in optimizing operation costs, enhancing the user experience, and personalizing customer services. Specifically, AimeHotel reduces the waiting time for check-in, check-out, room reservation, and floor guidance tasks. It can also remember the faces of customers to cater to the specific needs of each guest. Check the video below for details.


AimeHotel Features

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    Facial recognition, auto-greeting and customer’s information remembering
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    Suggestions for hotel’s service and information
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    Customer data statistics, user services personalization
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    New knowledge enabling to improve the hotel’s virtual staff intelligence
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    Scalable software: Integrating a 3rd party server
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    Connect with admin when needed

AimeHotel Technologies

Aimesoft’s technologies to realize AimeHotel

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    Computer Vision technologies
    Object recognition, semantic segmentation, face recognition, gender/age recognition, OCR (optical character recognition), image search/retrieval, predictive analytics based on image
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    Natural Language Processing technologies
    Tokenization, POS tagging, keyword extraction, synonym/antonym detection, information extraction, relation extraction, semantic search, natural language understanding
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    Speech Processing technologies
    Language model extraction from Web text, acoustic model creation, hot word/trigger word detection, noise cancellation, ...
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    Data Mining technologies
    Big Data processing, KPI prediction, predictive analytics based on Big Data, recomendation algorithms, data generation for machine learning

AimeHotel Benefits

AimeHotel's Advantages