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AimeFluent : Automated customer service platform 


AimeFluent is an automated customer service in the Multimodal AI software ecosystem Aimenicorn. AimeFluent includes rule-based, information retrieval based chatbots. It can also generate free text using GPT-2 and other natural language generation technologies. You can try AimeFluent from the chat box in the bottom right of this page. 

AimeFluent has been applied in several industries, from finance, insurance to tourism, education.



With the launch of AimeFluent for Roblox (a popular game development platform) , now AimeFluent is being applied in the gaming industry. CLICK HERE to get AimeFluent NPC item.


AimeFluent Features

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    Diverse and flexible back-and-forth conversation
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    Ability to remember the context, conversation history, and customer information
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    Support questions that need the ability to extract and interpret user information
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    Assistance in integrated, flexible, third-party answering API calls
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    Ability to improve intelligence, train bot
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    Diverse integration on the website, app, automatic email, automatic switchboard, social networks (Facebook, Zalo, etc.)

AimeFluent Technologies

Aimesoft’s technologies to realize AimeFluent

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    Computer Vision technologies
    Object recognition, semantic segmentation, face recognition, gender/age recognition, OCR (optical character recognition), image search/retrieval, predictive analytics based on image
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    Natural Language Processing technologies
    Tokenization, POS tagging, keyword extraction, synonym/antonym detection, information extraction, relation extraction, semantic search, natural language understanding
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    Speech Processing technologies
    Language model extraction from Web text, acoustic model creation, hot word/trigger word detection, noise cancellation, ...
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    Data Mining technologies
    Big Data processing, KPI prediction, predictive analytics based on Big Data, recomendation algorithms, data generation for machine learning

AimeFluent Benefits

AimeFluent's Advantages