Technologies from Aimesoft are employed in hotel customer management


Aimesoft, a global pioneer in Multimodal AI products and solutions, has developed MREC, a smartphone application for hotel clerks to create voice memos each time they welcome a guest or guest group. The application is released by MarkitOne Co., Ltd. in Japan for its hotel clients to help the analysis of hotel customers.


MREC can be used by a hotel clerk or hotel receptionist to create voice memos about the guest's status or the result of a guest reception after a guest walked in. The memos are converted into text in real-time and then immediately stored in a database, which is shared with the hotel managers and administrators. The benefits here are two-fold. The administrator can receive an efficient overview of the goings-on of the hotel, while the customers’ attributes can be automatically extracted to enable the hotel to provide an optimal and highly personalized experience next time.


MarkitOne Co., Ltd., is a professional customer research group. Its clients are big enterprises that provide services or products such as hotels, cars, machines, etc. These clients often have a large number of end-users, such as a hotel that has thousands of guests. MarkitOne uses cloud tools and databases to systematically manage data and feedback from the end-users, based on which corresponding actions are taken to ensure customers' satisfaction. However, verbal communication and reporting among the clients’ staff members occur on a daily basis, accumulating a large amount of data. On-site staff members would have to enter the data manually or, in many cases, memorize the information by themselves.


This is where MREC comes into play. Utilizing AimeSpeech, a core speech processing framework inside the Aimenicorn software ecosystem of Aimesoft, MREC turns your smartphone into a portable text-to-speech recorder, making it easy to capture and share personal notes, meetings, sales talking, classroom lectures, and more. Afterward, the user can edit the text generated by MREC for a more accurate transcription. MREC not only allows faster data recording but also provides ease for further data analysis. For example, these text transcriptions can then be input into Aimelytics, a predictive analytics platform of Aimesoft, to analyze the customer reactions or sentiments.





This application of AimeSpeech and Aimelytics technologies could revolutionize hospitality and customer management. Integrated with other Aimesoft products, it can entirely reshape the way hotels and other hospitality services manage customer experience. To illustrate, guests can indicate specific disability accommodations to the receptionist during check-in at a hotel. This information, recorded by AimeSpeech, can then be analyzed by Aimelytics, which would generate reminders for staff members to provide accommodations for these guests upon arrival. Through the ease at which customers’ feedback and requests can be recorded and logged, the staff can deliver the highest possible customer experience. Moreover, when combined with AimeHotel, an AI virtual hotel receptionist, these technologies can automate the guest check-in process and provide deep insights about the automated check-in outcomes.


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