Aimesoft exhibits at the ITU Digital World 2021 

Date: Oct 14,2021

Aimesoft has its booth in the ITU Digital World 2021 from 12th October to 12th November. Aimesoft showed many Multimodal AI applications in this event.





ITU Digital World is a global platform for accelerating ICT innovations. It aims to deliver economic development and social good faster through its exhibition for digital solutions, forum for sharing knowledge, and networking hub connecting nations, organizations, and individuals. Co-hosted by the government of Viet Nam, ITU Digital World 2021 takes place online from September to December 2021, bringing together government, industry, and tech SMEs to share knowledge, explore the latest trends in technology, policy, and strategy, network, and exhibit.


ITU Digital World brings the smartest ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of digital start-ups and ICT SMEs together with governments, regulators, industry leaders, consultants, and experts from emerging and developed markets around the world. This unique audience has the influence and intelligence to power faster social and economic development, create collaborative opportunity and stimulate industry growth. Along with its many challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us opportunities to change and forced us to re-evaluate. At ITU Digital World 2021 we will explore the new realities and take a fresh look at how to build the digital world. Together.


In the ITU Digital World 2021, Aimesoft showed many Multimodal AI applications in this event. Especially the “virtual human” products such as AimeTalk (virtual presenter), AimeHotel (virtual hotel clerk), AimeReception (virtual receptionist), Aime AIShop (virtual shop clerk), etc. These products are in the Multimodal AI Software Ecosystem Aimenicorn.


Aimesoft is an AI product and solution company based in San Jose, California. Defining its vision to become a global leader in AI products and solutions, Aimesoft focuses on Multimodal Artificial Intelligence, a new AI paradigm that combines multiple input sources (text, voice, image, numerical data, etc) to achieve high performance. Aimesoft has deployed more than 100 applications of Multimodal AI to the global market.


Visit Aimesoft’s Virtual Booth => CLICK HERE