AimeTalk adds supports for PDF and PowerPoint presentations

Aimesoft today released a new version of its virtual presenter software AimeTalk. This version enables AimeTalk users to use many formats of the input file in their automated slideshow presentations, such as Google Slides, PDF, and MS PowerPoint. The version also has a new look and feel in the user interface.


AimeTalk is a Multimodal AI-based slideshow automation software (or "virtual presenter" software). It creates virtual presenters that can automatically perform slide presentations in conferences, meetings, or seminars on behalf of the users. AimeTalk is not only for slideshow automation but can also be used for product manuals, lecture note presentations, and public service guides.


Slide presentation is not a trivial task, especially presentation in multiple languages. With AimeTalk, all you need to do is write down the transcript of the slides to be presented, then the AI and RPA engine of AimeTalk will produce a presentation on par with human presenters. In the latest version, AimeTalk supports MS PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx), Adobe PDF files and Google Slides. It is flexible and convenient for many users who want to use many formats of the slide presentation such as Google Slides, PDF or MS PowerPoint.


“We believe that the users of AimeTalk will be satisfied with the new version, as now they can use various file types, from PDF, PowerPoint to Google Slides. We also tried to make it natural for those who physically appear to communicate effectively with their remote counterparts, especially now people spend more and more time working online. We are continuing to research new features to improve the user experience of AimeTalk.” said Ted Nguyen, AimeTalk Product Manager.





It is very simple to use this new feature of AimeTalk. You just need to select your PDF or PowerPoint file and open it from AimeTalk. The slides will be presented automatically right after you click on the Present button.


Aimesoft also announced that a free trial of AimeTalk can be downloaded and used in 7 days. Interested users can download the software from this link:


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