The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide

The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide


Aimesoft released its chatbot platform AimeFluent for Unity

Date: Jun 6, 2022

Aimesoft has released AimeFluent for Unity, a chatbot development library for the game engine Unity. AimeFluent for Unity is a Unity asset that provides non-player characters (NPCs) the ability to automatically respond to any text input from players. It allows game developers to include conversational NPCs, which are common in adventure games and role-playing games.


NPCs are game characters that are integrated with many game development platforms such as Roblox, Unity, etc. These characters are controlled through scripts, and their behaviors are usually responsive to in-game conditions. Unity is a cross-platform game engine, which is one of the most popular development platforms for creating 2D and 3D games.


The AimeFluent for Unity asset helps the implementation of an interactive dialogue engine into a Unity game. AimeFluent is a natural language understanding and chatbot platform in the Aimesoft Multimodal AI software ecosystem, Aimenicorn. AimeFluent answers questions from users using rule-based, scenario-based, or information-retrieval-based methods. It can also generate responses to an arbitrary input text by using GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2) and other latest natural language generation technologies. Previously, Aimesoft Inc. also released AimeFluent for Roblox, which provides chatbot NPCs for games on the platform.






Similarly to the previous releases for Roblox, various kinds of conversations are supported in Aimefluent for Unity, from limited answer choices, fixed scenarios, to free-text responses with context consistency. Parameters such as name, age, location, and date can be extracted by game developers using the natural language understanding capabilities of AimeFluent. These parameters can then be used for generating appropriate responses by calling some external APIs such as social game friend information APIs.


“After the success of AimeFluent for Roblox, we believe that AimeFluent for Unity will also be a useful Unity asset. With AimeFluent for Unity, it becomes very easy for Unity game developers to integrate chatbot features into their games. There is no dialogue engine server-side programming anymore, as AimeFluent has already done this work for the game developers. Consequently, the developers can now focus on creative tasks, such as game narration or dialogue content design” said Dr. Duc Nguyen, CEO of Aimesoft.


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