Aimesoft to present at Singapore-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event



The "Singapore-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event" was hosted in Singapore by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), in collaboration with government agencies from Singapore, to promote open innovation for Japanese businesses and startups overseas.


More than 140 startups from around the world submitted proposals to challenges offered by various corporations during the application period, including four Japanese companies and four global companies with Singaporean headquarters. In order to incorporate recent innovations in the ASEAN region and boost their competitiveness in the expanding ASEAN market, it is increasingly important for Japanese enterprises to establish strategic partnerships with startups that are experiencing rapid growth. The challenge owners selected 22 startups as finalists, who presented their proposals, including Aimesoft, which was selected by Takenaka's Challenge.


In this event, Dr. Nguyen Tuan Duc, CEO of Aimesoft, introduced Multimodal AI and Virtual Human technologies for social relationship and communication behavior sensing. During the presentation, it was highlighted by Dr. Duc that Virtual Human can collect various types of data, including facial expressions, voice, sound, and distance, which can be processed by Multimodal AI-based predictive analytics algorithms to predict social relationships and mining communication behaviors.




To explain further, Multimodal AI is a new AI paradigm that combines various data types such as text, images, audio, voice and numerical data to achieve higher precision. This approach mimics the behavior of humans, who also combine multiple sources of information when reasoning. Using these core technologies, Aimesoft has developed several virtual human software packages, including AimeReception, a virtual receptionist software, Aime Hotel, a virtual hotel clerk software, virtual newscasters, virtual teachers, and me, Aime talk, the virtual presenter.


About Takenaka’ challenge

Takenaka Corporation is one of the top five general contractors in Japan, providing architecture, engineering and construction services. Takenaka is currently working on the analysis of human relationship and communication behaviors in buildings and communities as an indicator of social health. Furthermore, Takenaka aims to evaluate the impact of social health improvement on individual health, and implement the technology in society. The indicators and monitoring methods developed by Takenaka are planned to be established as the de facto standard for well-building and well-urban design. Widespread use of these indicators and monitoring methods is expected to attract ESG investment and contribute to the enhancement of real estate values in the future.


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