The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide

The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide


Aimesoft to release AimeVirtual on Android/ iOS

Date: Jun 19, 2023

Large language models and ChatGPT have created a wealth of potential and challenges for the IT sector in general and the field of artificial intelligence in particular. Simultaneously, the use of virtual human software on mobile devices is growing in popularity due to its ability to enhance engagement with data and information. Virtual humans make interactions between users and devices more pleasant, user-friendly, and effective, facilitating a wide range of activities such as information retrieval, online shopping and entertainment.


AimeVirtual is created from Aimesoft's core framework AimeFluent, which is a chatbot platform based on Multimodal Artificial Intelligence, which combines multiple data sources with intelligent algorithms to simulate a “mind” similar to humans’. With just a single portrait or face photo, AimeVirtual can generate an avatar with dynamic facial animation, complete with realistic lip and eye movements. Furthermore, the avatar can interact with users, analyze their inputs in the form of text or speech and respond with appropriate texts and voices. AimeFluent supports back-and-forth conversations, retaining the context and history of a conversation throughout a session. AimeFluent can also extract and store information from user inquiries to generate context-appropriate responses. Additionally, the framework supports invoking external APIs, enabling functionalities such as weather forecasting, stock information, and news feeds.




Similar to a real human, a virtual persona needs a “mind” to think. The core component of this “mind” is powered by Natural Language Processing, allowing virtual humans to engage in conversation, think critically, and acquire new knowledge. In the past, complicated rule–based systems were the predominant technology behind the first generation of chatbots, as well as virtual humans. However, with the advent of Large Language Models, most notably ChatGPT renowned for its ability to generate diverse and informed responses across a wide range of topics, have revolutionized the landscape of virtual humans. Consequently, there is a growing trend toward leveraging the power of these language models to enhance human-machine communication in diverse contexts.



Image: Dr. Pham Quang Nhat Minh (Head of AIMAI Lab) presented "Virtual Human Technology in the era of Large Language Models" at Vietnam Mobile Day 2023 




Image:  Aimesoft officially released AimeVirtual at Vietnam Mobile Day 2023 


In general, large language models have made a breakthrough in the virtual human industry, significantly enhancing their intelligence compared to previous versions. They can now answer diverse questions across various domains, providing more effective support to humans. However, there are still issues and challenges that we need to overcome when applying large language models to create virtual humans. According to Dr. Pham Quang Nhat Minh, the Head of the Multimodal Artificial Intelligence Research Department (AIMAI Lab), the first issue lies in the inherent nature of large language models, as they can generate misinformation and biases. Additionally, there are concerns regarding information security when utilizing APIs of large language models like ChatGPT. Finally, it is crucial to integrate domain-specific knowledge and shape the virtual human's personality based on the particular field in which it is developed.

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