AimeSpeech applies latest prosody modeling technologies in its speech synthesis engine

Aimesoft has released a new version of the text-to-speech engine in the companys core speech processing framework AimeSpeech. The newly released version of the text-to-speech engine applies the latest prosody modeling techniques, so it can make natural voice outputs with better word-level emphasis. When reading long sentences, the new engine produces better intonation and handles automatic pauses appropriately. 



Text-to-speech (TTS), also known as speech synthesis, is the process of naturally synthesizing human voices from textual inputs. AimeSpeech TTS engine learns human voices from a given voice/text sentence dataset, and artificially creates human voices with tone and intonation similar to those of humans.


AimeSpeech is the core speech processing framework inside the Aimenicorn software ecosystem from Aimesoft Inc. AimeSpeech comprises a Speech Recognition engine, a Speech Synthesis engine, a Speaker identification library, and other advanced speech processing libraries.





AimeSpeech enables developers and users to synthesize natural-sounding speech with male/female voices and accents. The service is accessible in the form of APIs or standalone SDK that can be integrated easily with any system, across many applications and devices. In this version of the AimeSpeech TTS engine, prosody modeling, which plays a crucial role in creating a high quality text-to-speech model, is greatly improved. Besides the prosodic features, the engine also provides smooth conversion of notations and graphemes across languages. This helps the engine be able to correctly synthesize the pronunciations of foreign language named entities such as people's names, locations, and proper nouns.


The AimeSpeech TTS engine has been used in various Multimodal AI products of Aimesoft such as AimeTalk (virtual presenter software), AimeHotel (virtual hotel clerk software), AimeReception (virtual receptionist software), and AimeAIShop (virtual shop clerk software). In addition, the TTS engine also has a great potential to be used in education, workplace, and everyday life such as customer service call centers, virtual assistants, company training, experiential marketing, and advertising solutions, etc.


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