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The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide



Face registration technology in AimeFace has been granted a Japanese patent

Date: Sept 15,2022

The Multimodal AI-based face registration technology of Aimesoft has been granted a Japanese patent by the Japan Patent Office (JPO).


The patent is granted to Aimesoft for the invention of the Multimodal AI-based face registration technology in AimeFace, one of the key frameworks in our Multimodal AI software ecosystem, Aimenicorn. The novel idea behind this face registration technology is that users can verbally interact with the face recognition system while asking the system to remember his/her face.





Face registration is an important step in face recognition systems. Conventional face recognition systems often have buttons in their user interfaces to trigger the face registration process. When users want to register their faces, they are often taken through a series of interfaces filled with buttons of all shapes and sizes, which might be confusing and time-consuming for inexperienced users. Understanding this drawback of existing systems, AimeFace comes up with a completely different approach: it allows users to interactively talk with the system to accomplish the face registration process.


The face registration method in AimeFace utilizes speech recognition, natural language understanding, chatbot, speech synthesis, and facial recognition technologies to make the process more intuitive. Specifically, users can speak into the system to trigger the face registration process. The system guides the users through a voice user interface and displays the results in real-time. The voice inputs by the users can also be stored to combine face recognition with voice fingerprinting to improve the accuracy of the eKYC (electronic customer identification) task.AimeFace can be deployed for a wide range of applications, from access control, automatic check-in to video analysis and surveillance.


AimeFace supports not only face recognition but also voice fingerprinting and gender detection. Furthermore, AimeFace also features face comparison , in which a human face extracted from a photo or video footage is compared with the facial image of an identity paper such as a driving license or passport to verify the identity.


AimeFace has been employed by many businesses of various industries and sizes. AimeFace is easy to integrate with new or existing projects, enabling developers to create a wide variety of applications. Moreover, the face registration technology can be used synergistically with AimeHotel or AimeReception, the AI virtual receptionist from Aimesoft Inc., to allow automatic guest check-in and cashless payments. Previously, the company also deployed the AimeFace solution to 9hours Inc. in Japan to automate the check-in process of their capsule hotels. This customer service not only speeds up the check-in and check-out procedures, but also lowers the risk of disease transmission between guests and hotel clerks by avoiding direct contact.


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