Speech processing Engineer

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Job description:

-Research and develop Speech processing algorithms: noise cancellation/ noise filtering, speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker recognition, speaker diarization, and direct translation of Japanese, English,and Vietnamese speeches.

-Build acoustic models, language models, and decoders; optimize dictionaries.

-Research and develop voice recognition models based on neural networks.

-Research and build large lexical training databases to ensure the coverage of regional accents, ages, genders, environments,..for specific scenarios.

-Research and develop machine learning models for speech synthesis, voice clones, voice converter… based on models such as HMM, DNN.



-Having the basic knowledge of digital signal processing, mathematical basis for digital signal processing(Fast Fourier Transform, spectrogram, signal filters…).

-Having the basic knowledge of building speech recognition/ synthesis models (acoustic model, language model, feature bank,...)

-Having the basic knowledge of machine learning, mastering the fundamental models used in voice processing: HMM, DNN, DTW.

-Having the basic knowledge of deep learning with neural networks and seq2seq models.

-Having experience in using frameworks and toolkits for voice recognition such as: Kaldi, Sphinx, Julius, HTK.

-Having proficiency in object-oriented programming with one of the following languages: C++/C, Python, Java.



-Tet Bonus and 13th salary.

-Incentive followed by the company policy.

-Insurance and annual health check programs.

-Approval of bonuses or salary increments every 3 months.

-Freedom to develop your own career and skill roadmap at the company, with development progress review every 3 months.

-Free training provided by leading lecturers and experts in the company.

-Team building and annual tourism.

-Work-hour: 8:30- 18:00, from Monday to Friday.




-Mobile: (+84) 98 955 8851

-Address: 3F Hoang Ngoc Building, No.4, Ln.82 Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Ha Noi