Aimesoft exhibits at the AI Summit London 2020

Date: Sept 2,2020

Aimesoft has its booth in the AI Summit London 2020. Aimesoft showed many Multimodal AI applications in this event.





The Virtual AI Summit London 2020 is an annual event and flagship AI event of London Tech Week. As the global situation with Covid-19 continues to be carefully managed, the AI Summit London transforms into a fully virtual event for this year. Both networking and matchmaking is available. This includes: Private meeting scheduler, Matchmaking run by artificial intelligence, Session attendee chat options, Virtual roundtables, At-event private messaging,...






This year, the event is organized with the topic “ WHERE AI TRANSFORMS BUSINESS”. And, the organizers confirmed that the AI transcends every area of business and society today, from global conglomerates to SMEs, from CIOs to heads of functions, AI is fuelling operational and commercial evolution at a light-speed pace. And, accelerating your enterprise AI road-map, placing you at the forefront of implementation. In the Virtual AI Summit London, you will be guided on your journey of business transformation; whether you are initiating, implementing or optimising your projects, you are given unmitigated access to the information and tools that will bring your business plans to life.






In the Virtual AI Summit London 2020, Aimesoft showed many Multimodal AI applications in this event. AimeHotel, AimeHospital, AimeBank, Aime AIShop are some of these applications. These products are in the Multimodal AI Software Ecosystem Aimenicorn. Aimesoft is working to accomplish the company’s mission : to transform business and life with the power of Multimodal AI.