The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide

The FIRST Company to Develop Multimodal AI with 200+ Installations Worldwide



Have you ever attended an event hosted by a virtual human?
Have you ever listened to a virtual presenter in a webinar?
If you haven't, please join us.




When you’re running an event, you want everything to be smooth. As a presenter of your event, you may be wondering what could possibly go wrong. Some things that could go wrong are that your attendees are awfully confused, your technological issues, your performance and other normal issues that come with human presenters. In order to avoid confusion or mistakes of your event, let our "virtual presenter" handle that.
This webinar is an introduction to AimeTalk - a Multimodal AI-based virtual slide presentation software. AimeTalk can perform slide presentations for you in conferences, meetings or seminars. With the increasing number of online Webinars and conferences in the new normal, AimeTalk would improve the efficiency of running these events. It's great for individuals or businesses to reap a variety of benefits from cost and time savings to better branding value and an enhanced online presence. After the webinar, you will also get a free trial of AimeTalk for your own experience.
By using AimeTalk - the virtual presenter software, individuals can take an active role in prevention of COVID-19 by having full understanding of the ways to reduce risks of direct contact.
The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, December 16th, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. Singapore Time (11:00 p.m Pacific Time on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021).
Interested parties and individuals can freely join the webinar by registering here:
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 820 0930 4073
Passcode: 353636
Be bold with us, together we’ll create an experience that is innovative. You will walk away with new ideas to bring innovation to your business.
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