AimeHotel is granted the Copyright Registration Certificate

Date: Aug 20, 2020

In August 2020, AimeHotel - the virtual hotel clerk software from Aimesoft - was granted a Copyright Registration Certificate by the Copyright Office of Vietnam.


AimeHotel is a product in the Multimodal AI Software Ecosystem Aimenicorn, the main product suite of Aimesoft Inc. By applying Multimodal AI technologies, AimeHotel can really become a "virtual clerk". Specifically, AimeHotel which uses natural language processing technology is capable of communicating with customers like humans; assisting guests in check-in and check-out; as well as providing information about hotels, services, food and tourist destinations around the hotels. In addition, AimeHotel has the ability to remember facial information, preferences and habits of customers to automatically personalize the services and improve customers’ satisfaction.






The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting countries and territories around the world. AimeHotel will be the optimal solution to help minimize direct contact between customers and receptionists, contribute to disease prevention while ensuring customers’ service experience. Aimesoft Inc. continues to deploy AimeHotel in both domestic and international hotels, in order to help the hotels to optimize costs and improve the user experience.







Aimesoft has defined the vision to become a leading company in providing AI services and solutions to the global market. Aimesoft is having great innovations in the development of the Aimenicorn ecosystem, which allows creating many kinds of virtual staff, virtual clerks. Virtual staff are unleashing human labor so they have time for creativity and relaxation. AimeHotel is an example of what Aimesoft is working to accomplish the company’s mission : to change businesses and lives with the power of Multimodal AI.