Application of AimeFace - face recognition technology in Nine Hours smart check-in system.

On September 14th, 2020, Aimesoft will provide the face recognition system "AimeFace", which is an elemental technology of Aime Hotel products, to the smart check-in system to be introduced at "Nine Hours Hakata Station" which will open in Hakata, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. AimeFace is an eKYC (know your customer), face recognition, face registration solution from Aimesoft. It not only supports face recognition, comparison but also Multimodal AI based face registration, face and voice fingerprinting, etc.


As one of its functions, the face recognition system provided by Aimesoft will automatically perform identity verification (eKYC) and gender recognition. For identity identification, an ID card photo presented by a customer is compared with the face of a customer who checks in, and AimeFace will estimate the probability (confidence) of the same person.


Besides, in terms of gender recognition, the customer's gender is determined and the degree of certainty is provided to the system. It is also possible to set a threshold on the system side and issue an alert.


With AimeFace integration, Nine Hours smart registration system will be able to automate front desk operations such as introducing self-check-in, cashless payments, ... by using face recognition systems based on AI. This customer care service not only helps avoid direct contact, minimize the risk of disease transmission between guests and hotel staff, but also makes the check-in and check-out process faster.